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Tabiya Stack Animation


Branding, communication strategy and product design for science startup Tabiya, spun off from University of Oxford.

Tabiya creates open-source products, models and standards to help tackle the global youth employment challenge.

Project partner

Brand Values

A Purpose-Led Non-Profit

A set of beliefs drives Tabiya’s behavior and her activities. Below: Intermediary designs from the brand value process.

concept logo for public services
Concept: Public, not walled Offerings. Items move around flexibly.
concept logo for growth
Concept: Demand and Response. Vertical movement hints at growth.
concept logo for inclusiveness
Concept: Inclusiveness. Movement from and towards a center.
concept logo for inclusiveness

A Logo's Narrative

Based on the image of a stack, the logo also serves as a key visual element on the website.

The merging arrows illustrate a merging of interests, and the evolving nature of Tabiya.

The associated word mark is based on Inter Font by R. Andersson.

Product Development

slideshow with Tabiya app user interface slideshow with Tabiya app user interface
An early interface for taxonomy editing

Concept Work

Early Digital Product considerations: Mattership was tasked with an early evaluation of conceptual variants.

Guiding factors in the design process for Mattership were Approachability, Guidance, Pragmatism and Simplicity with Fidelity.

A Flexible DNA made for Growth

Tabiya Styleguide Excerpt 1 Tabiya Styleguide Excerpt 2 Tabiya Styleguide Excerpt 3 Tabiya Styleguide Excerpt 4
Excerpts from the digital style guide

Style Guide

The style guide assures consistent brand representation across all communication channels. In other words: it serves as a north star throughout a design process.

Learn more about Tabiya's activities.