Tabiya Stack Animation


Branding, communication strategy and product design for science startup Tabiya, spun off from University of Oxford.

Tabiya creates open-source software, models and standards to help tackle the global youth employment challenge.

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Distinctive Brand Values And Recognition

A Purpose-Led Company

A set of fundamental and immutable beliefs and attitudes drives Tabiya’s behavior and her activities.

These values manifest in a set of versatile icons — visual anchors for communi­cating strong company values.

concept logo for public services
Public Goods, not Walled Gardens. Products are open source.
concept logo for growth
Evolving and Adaptable. Products are built for local adoption.
concept logo for inclusiveness
Inclusive Data on Diverse Livelihoods. Products help reduce inequalities.
concept logo for inclusiveness

A Logo's Narrative

Based on the prominent image of a stack, the logo is also a key visual element on the website. The merging arrow illustrates the evolving nature of Tabiya.

The connected word mark is derived from Rasmus Andersson's clean and approachable Inter font.

App Development and User Testing

slideshow with Tabiya app user interface slideshow with Tabiya app user interface slideshow with Tabiya app user interface slideshow with Tabiya app user interface
The interface for editing of job taxonomies

Tabiya App

A set of guiding principles help make informed design decisions.

Approachability. Tabiya offers easy and inclusive entry points that are supported by visual cues.

Guidance. Tabiya guides users gently and effectively and provides orientation.

No-nonsense. Tabiya employs visual elements with intention and purpose.

Simplicity × Fidelity. Tabiya strives for simplicity while staying true to scientific precision

A Flexible DNA made for Growth

Tabiya Styleguide Excerpt 1 Tabiya Styleguide Excerpt 2 Tabiya Styleguide Excerpt 3 Tabiya Styleguide Excerpt 4 Tabiya Styleguide Excerpt 5 Tabiya Styleguide Excerpt 6
Excerpts from the digital style guide

Style Guide

A style guide is designed to assure consistent and cohesive brand representation across all visual elements and communication materials. The document serves as a north star throughout a design process.

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