We help innovate, evaluate and verify by materializing ideas.

Reduce risk, enhance UX and enter markets quickly. Validate your product by building early, data-driven, inter­active and affordable prototypes that impress users and investors alike.

Find solutions to your challenges

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Your design team has potential.

There is much to do. Add extra capacity in product and inter­action design, while keeping your budget lean.
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Build a product people love.

Customers demand joyful usability. But can you deliver? We help find and evaluate promising options.
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Your idea needs form and function.

Make it real: Product and Service become tangible with a well-designed and connected prototype.
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You value flexibility and quick results.

Openness for your plans. Short decision pipelines. From agile experts with a built-in sanity filter.
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You strive for certainty.

Reduce risk, build the right features. Maximize adoption rate with iterative prototyping and solid user testing.
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Be unboring with that extra sparkle.

Witness an effective but joyful design process. We love what we make, and you will too.

Let's talk. We speak EN and DE.

Learn how we help clients

Viability Check

Impress users and investors: We build an early-stage affordable prototype with magical appeal and abilities.

Fast Lane to MVP

Grow your user base: We build a series of prototypes, up to a high-fidelity Minimum Viable Product.

Weekly Design Dose

NEW Unlock the advantage of great design: We provide design leadership and guidance with regular check-ins.

Design Roadmap

Steer towards a brilliant product: We build a prototype, gather data in user testings, and develop an action plan.

Meet the founding team

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Jan Hillmann-Regett

Product Design, Dipl.Des.

Strives for the perfect union of form and function. Systems awareness and sustain­ability are key to a successful solution.

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Jakob Lehr

Interaction Design, Dipl.Des.

Empathic digital domain generalist with deep expertise in data visualization and embedded devices.

Let's talk. We speak EN and DE.